Amazing photographer to work with! Have worked together on several occasions. Always punctual and professional. Very communicative for details about upcoming shoots. Good at giving direction during shoots and taking ideas from others into consideration. – Kelly Anne

An AMAZING photographer to work with. Very professional. Always on time. He ACTUALLY appreciates feedback, unlike so many other photographers out there, and listens to input from models he shoots with. He makes the logistics of setting up shoots a breeze, and of the several shoots I have done with him, I have had fun every time. And the photos I have gotten back from him have always been amazing. HIGHLY recommended! – Randall Cundiff

Very professional. I would deft recommend this photographer. Has very unique ideas and very creative! Also very outgoing and loves models feedback and ideas as well! Loved learning new things from him as well and the smoke bombs are super fun – Christy Bermes

The photographer was professional, and direct in expressing what he wanted for the shoot, while still allowing me as a dancer to express myself to the fullest. I really felt like he was working with me on the project instead of one of us being directly supervised by the other. Outside of the stellar communication from deciding on a site, the process, and the shoot itself, the finished product was amazing! I’ve been a apart of 3 photo shoots with Frame of Reference so far and I am confident that this will be my #1 source for professional and creative photography. – Keane Rowley

I’ve loved working with Will on a consistent basis as I’ve gotten to understand his process and his artistic approach to photography. His attention to detail, and imaginative ideas and love for the craft show from the way that he shoots with his camera, down to the final product. His photos are able to capture emotion in raw form, the way they were intended to be. – Keegan Seoul : 31SVN Break Dance Academy